MES Implementation: Tracking from raw materials to finished goods


In today's fiercely competitive industrial sector, streamlining manufacturing processes is essential. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) deliver a complete solution for monitoring production from raw materials to final products. Deuex Solutions excels in implementing these systems to boost operational efficiency.


Traditional tracking methods often result in inefficiencies, errors, and lack of real-time visibility. Industries need a robust system to ensure accurate tracking and seamless production flow.

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Deuex Solutions implements MES to provide end-to-end tracking of manufacturing processes. Our system collects data at each production stage, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Data Collection

MES captures data on raw materials, production stages, and finished goods.

Data Analysis

Real-time analytics process this data to provide insights into production efficiency.


Process Optimization

The system offers actionable insights to optimize production processes and reduce waste.


Deuex Solutions integrates MES seamlessly into existing manufacturing operations. Our team ensures minimal disruption during deployment, offering:


Customized Solutions

Tailored to meet specific manufacturing needs.


Scalable Architecture

Capable of handling large volumes of data.


User-Friendly Interface

Easy to interpret and act upon the insights provided.

Tech Stack

Deuex Solutions employs a robust tech stack to deliver MES solutions:

  • Cloud Platform: AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for scalable storage and processing.
  • MES Frameworks: Siemens, Rockwell Automation for comprehensive manufacturing execution.
  • Data Management: PostgreSQL, MySQL for robust data handling.
  • Visualization Tools: Qlik, Power BI for intuitive data presentation.

Architecture Design

The architecture of our MES system is designed for efficiency and scalability:

Data Collection Layer: Gathers data from all production stages, from raw materials to finished goods.
Processing Layer: Utilizes real-time analytics to process data and generate insights.
Storage Layer: Uses cloud-based storage solutions (AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage) for secure data retention.
Database Layer: Uses robust databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL for efficient data management.
Visualization Layer: Dashboards created with Qlik or Power BI provide actionable insights to users.
Integration Layer: Seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and manufacturing systems for automated process management.
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Clients have experienced significant improvements in production efficiency and accuracy with our solutions.


Enhanced Tracking

Improvement in production tracking accuracy.


Reduced Unnecessary Waste

Decrease in material waste.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes and reduced manual intervention.



MES implementation is essential for optimizing manufacturing processes. Deuex Solutions leads in providing tailored MES solutions that deliver tangible results. Embrace our innovative approach to achieve operational excellence and stay competitive in the industry.

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